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Historyinfo.org is a site created to provide a small sample of the facts that history has to offer. Here you will find history on a wide range of topics, from the history of music to the history of England.

This site will not overwhelm you with every fact that is known about these subjects, but instead, will give you enough information to spark your interest. Many of these subjects are very broad, and their history spans thousands of years! Take the history of music, for example. Depending on how you define 'music,' you may consider music to have a history from the time that Earth came into being. Imagine researching that far back!

History can be a fun subject, and here at historyinfo.org, we try to make it one by not burdening you with hundreds of pages worth of information. If you find the history of a certain subject here interesting enough to want to do further research on it, than we have done our job.

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